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Good Eats

*Add a cornbread muffin for $1.29
*Good Eats can be substituted for an extra fee

$5.09Onion Rings

$5.29Mac & Cheese Bites

$3.69Sweet Potato Fries

$3.49Bacon Cheese Grits

$4.09Corn Nuggets

$4.29Basket of Fried Pickle Spears with Sauce

Stews n Salads

House Dressing, Ranch, Lite Ranch, Blue Cheese
Thousand Island, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard
Add pork, beef, bbq chicken or tenders $1.99.

Brunswick Stew

A James family specialty of select spices, fresh vegetables, beef and pork simmered in a tomato broth.
Cup $2.49
Bowl $4.99

$5.39Stew and Grilled Cheese Combo

A cup of stew and a grilled cheese sandwich.

$7.99Barn Salad

Crisp Iceberg lettuce, bell pepper, red onion, tomato, shredded cheese, sliced egg, pulled BBQ chicken, croutons, crumbled bacon and a hot corn muffin. Try it with Curly Tails? House dressing.

$7.49Smokey Citrus Chicken Salad

A Central Florida twist on an old favorite. Pulled barbeque chicken is combined grapes, mayonnaise and seasonings before being placed atop romaine lettuce. Garnished with citrus sections and toasted almonds.

$4.29Side Salad


Make it a meal for ONLY $3.39!
Add a side of your choice and a drink to any sandwich.
(All sandwiches are served on a lightly toasted bun.)
Make it on Texas Toast for ONLY $0.29!

$6.991/2 Pound Burger

Add cheese only $0.39.

$6.29Pork Chop Sandwich

Our fried pork chop on a lightly toasted bun, with lettuce and tomato.

$4.29Barbeque Pork Sandwich

$5.99Barbeque Beef Sandwich

$5.79Pulled Barbeque Chicken Sandwich

$3.99Grilled Egg Salad Sandwich

$2.99American Grilled Cheese Sandwich

$2.79Hot Dog

Barbecue Sampler

$12.99Barbecue Sampler

Two ribs, 1/4 chicken, pork or beef, 2 sides and toast.

Lunch Plates

Served with your choice of 1 side and Texas toast.

$5.99Barbeque Pork

$6.79Barbeque Beef

$5.99Barbeque Chicken 1/4

$9.99Fried Catfish

$10.99St. Louis Style Ribs (1/3 slab)

$6.29Country Fried Pork Chop

Seasoned, boneless loin, fried and topped with gravy.

$8.49Chicken Tenders

Dinner Plates

Served with your choice of two side items,
cornbread muffin, garlic toast and fried pickle spear.

$11.99Barbeque Pork

$12.79Barbeque Beef

$11.99Barbeque Chicken 1/2

All white meat add $0.99.

$14.99Southern Fried Catfish

$15.99St. Louis Style Ribs (1/2 Slab)

$9.99Country Fried Pork Chops

Two seasoned, boneless loins, fried and topped with gravy.


Veggie of the Day

Priced Daily.

$1.79Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

$1.79Baked Beans

$1.79French Fries

$1.79Cole Slaw

$1.79Potato Salad

$1.79Homemade Potato Chips

$1.79Fried Okra

$1.79Green Beans



Dessert of the Day

Priced Daily.

$1.99Banana Pudding

Little Piggies

12 and under, please.
Includes small side item, apple sauce and drink.

$4.99Fried Mac & Cheese Wedges

$3.79Hot Dog

$3.99Grilled Cheese

$3.99Pork or Beef Sandwich

$5.29Rib Basket

$4.99Chicken Tenders


Soft Drinks & Tea

Regular $1.79 | Large $2.69

$1.29Bottled Water



Picnic Pack

Feed a small army! ONLY $64.99!

Whole Chicken

Slab of Ribs

1 Pound of Pork or Beef

1 Pint of Baked Beans

1 Pint of Cole Slaw

1 Pint of Potato Salad

8 Pieces of Texas Bread

1 Gallon of Tea

BBQ Sauces

Take home a bottle! ONLY $3.99!


Our homemade secret recipe that's perfect on any of our juicy meats. It's probably best on chicken or ribs but we love it on everything!

Sweet Hot:

Same sauce as our sweet sauce with an extra little kick. It'll warm your heart without melting your tongue!


The kind of sauce that you would find in the Carolina's. It's full of bite and makes a great partner with the chopped Pork.